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    Rush - defenders get extra man...

    Hello all, I have an issue that I hope someone can help. I have played on a server (Rush) for quite some time. I started my own server and put it as an Infantry only Rush map server. On the old server they had it set to where if an extra person comes in they automatically get moved to the defenders side. On my server they get put on attackers. How do I change it to the extra man is auto moved to defenders side as soon as they come in to the game?

    I have almost every plug-in installed as well. The only one I have trouble with is AdKats. I can't figure out how to find the info (MySQL Hostname, MySQL port and so on) I have a website set up but just don't know where to find this info. Thank you all for any help in this. And if I posted this is the wrong area I apologize, I am very new to forums.

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    hit me up on teamspeak rich



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