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    Hello from Russia.


    We are an Russian Battlefield community.
    Original Procon not support UTF-8 (we need it to send Russian words to the game server).
    One day, someone modified the procon ( and finally we were able to push the messages in Russian, with changing PRoCon.Core.dll to this one PRoCon.Core.dll (

    All good, and most of GSP (which we have hosted over the years) uploaded this modifed version without problem.
    For example (TOP GSP for us, but closed anymore =( ) just added mods like this
    G-PORTAL too added with ticket, Gameservers too.
    But after closed their Community gameserver hosting we choise as our GSP, and they are not want add this modifed .dll with this reason

    So, maybe you guys can update PRocon with that UTF-8 modifed version? Why is this such a problem?
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