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    BF3 No Jets command (Kills players in jets)

    Hiya guys, Wow this is a flashback, I havnt had BF3 or Rcon for many years, In fact Ive only just got back into it and couldnt remember my old UN so I've created this one,

    I have just decided to rent a BF3 server (32 slots) and I want to ask two simple things please which I know very well has been talked about before on here but its finding the actual thread?

    My flags are set at just 150 how do I make them higher and also the rule of 'No Jets' applies to my server, I was in a server last week and for the life of me I cant figure out which one it is but the title stated 'No Jets' and due to being sidetracked and being owned time and time again I jumped in one and as soon as I got airbourne it killed me automatically which was a really good command. The admin wasnt online so I couldnt ask so Ive come on here to ask if anyone knows that command to kill players who use the jets please?

    Many thanks.



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