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    So, you are saying that procon, on startup will read the standard map list from the server ?

    If you do a map list on the server with 5 standard maps, procon will read that on startup ?

    Another option is to use Ultimate Map Manager plugin

    this chap suggests you use this format

    Levels/MP/MP_Siege/MP_Siege ConquestLarge0 1
    Levels/MP/MP_Naval/MP_Naval Obliteration 1
    XP1/Levels/XP1_001/XP1_001 AirSuperiority0 1
    XP1/Levels/XP1_002/XP1_002 Obliteration 1
    XP0/Levels/MP_007/XP0_Caspian CaptureTheFlag0 1
    XP2/Levels/XP2_001/XP2_001 CarrierAssaultLarge0 1
    XP2/Levels/XP2_003/XP2_003 CarrierAssaultSmall0 1
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    Read the manual ?

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