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    Exclamation PROCON won't start if PC restarted or session closed

    Hi to all,
    I'm new to all of this so please excuse me.
    I also read all the related forums and found no similar problem.

    I installed a new BF4 server and managed to upload the plugins via FTP and configure everything, server working fine... nevertheless, if I close the PROCON program (I already marked the close/minimize to tray options) or restart the PC next day, when I try to enter again it always crashes and shows the message "a problem has caused Procon Frostbite to stop"

    The only solution is to delete the whole folder and to re-download the PROCON and make it think it's a first time... reconfigure all the options and connections... does not matter if I disconnect before closing or change the Procon location folder... closing means crashing and "re-installing"


    Any hints about the cause and steps for solution?

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64bits

    Thanks in advance

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    Strange. If you create a shortcut to the procon exe and change the compatability options to windows xp, does that solve anything? I've ran it on everything from xp through 10 without issues, but it might fix your particular problem.

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    1. Change the directory name to just procon.
    life get confusing for directories with . . . . . in the name.

    2. Where do you have the procon directory?
    C:\procon? If not put it there, give the user rights to the directory if they dont have it.

    3. have you tried not deleteing the config files?
    eg move the configs to another directory, clear out and reinstall, copy the configs back
    Does it crash on start ??

    4. If the above crashed
    Start again - add a plugin. copy the config files to another directory, restart - did it crash ?
    if not, add another plugin,copy the config files to another directory, restart - did it crash ?

    etc etc.
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    Read the manual ?

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