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Thread: Seeding on BF4

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    Seeding on BF4

    Hey guys, we need some help to understand how it work with the seeding on bf4. It's impossible to start a server without it, we will really appreciate it if someone will help us.

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    there is a seeding Software, it work like joining in and getting out from battlelog, it doesn't need any account on EA. I am serching for this Software, i would also spent money for it, please contact me if someone knows about it.

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    Joining a server that looks like it has players but doesnt isnt fun.

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    Also seeding software has been used against admins who abuse it. Players get mad so they set up 80+ seeders and flood your server's queue so that nobody can join. Been getting a lot of complaints about that lately.

    I would suggest avoiding it.



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