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    No Vehicle Spawn

    So i made an infantry only server and i changed this vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed "false" but when i restart it the server it still says false but vehicles are in the game??

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    Post your game and server config "startup.txt".
    Make sure you remove the "admin.password" variable from the config before posting.

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    Every time the server restarts it checks the box in procons to have vehicles.. think I figured it out do i have to put vars.preset INFANTRY??configs1.pngconfigs2.png
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    Some commands take effect immediately (can be changed at runtime).
    Some commands take effect only after a round change.
    Some commands must be put into Startup.txt to take effect at all (take effect only after server restart).

    The game server will process the Startup.txt file during bootup.
    Each line in that file will be executed as a remote administration command.
    Anything after # sign to the end of line is considered a comment.
    There is no need to quote the numeric and boolean argument types.

    The vars.serverType and vars.preset commands is best placed at the top of Startup.txt.

    vars.preset used to set the server preset: NORMAL, HARDCORE, INFANTRY, NOOB, CLASSIC or CUSTOM. You can also set the second argument <lockPresetSetting> to false. This will allow you to override any settings that will conflict with the preset.
    So you need vars.preset INFANTRY false followed by vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed false

    I advise you to familiarize yourself with the server documentation, which you can download here:

    You can use this config as a template (uncomment the vars you need and change the values of others as you need):
    vars.serverType RANKED
    vars.preset NORMAL false
    admin.password "My_pass"
    # vars.mpExperience ""
    # vars.gamePassword ""
    # vars.OutHighFrequency 60
    vars.serverName "My best server"
    vars.serverDescription "No rules"
    vars.serverMessage "Welcome to our server"
    reservedSlotsList.aggressiveJoin true
    vars.commander false
    vars.alwaysAllowSpectators true
    vars.maxSpectators 2
    vars.maxPlayers 66
    vars.roundRestartPlayerCount 2
    vars.idleBanRounds 0
    vars.teamKillValueForKick 120
    vars.teamKillValueIncrease 30
    vars.teamKillValueDecreasePerSecond 2
    vars.roundPlayersReadyBypassTimer 120  # 30-300
    vars.roundPlayersReadyMinCount 1       # 0-33
    vars.roundPlayersReadyPercent 33       # 0-100
    vars.gunMasterWeaponsPreset 0          # 0-4
    vars.gameModeCounter 100        # 75-400 (Ranked) / 1-500  (Unranked)
    vars.roundTimeLimit 300         # 50-300 (Ranked) / 0-900  (Unranked)
    vars.vehicleSpawnDelay 100      # 25-400 (Ranked) / 1-300  (Unranked)
    vars.roundLockdownCountdown 10  # 10-30  (Ranked) / 10-900 (Unranked)
    vars.unlockMode "stats"         # all, common, none, stats (Unranked)
    vars.friendlyFire false
    vars.idleTimeout 300            # 225-86400 (Ranked) / 0-86400 (Unranked)
    vars.autoBalance true
    vars.SkillBasedBalance true
    vars.teamKillCountForKick 5     # 4-10 (Ranked) / 1-99 (Unranked)
    vars.teamKillKickForBan 3       # 3-10 (Ranked) / 1-99 (Unranked)
    vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed true
    vars.regenerateHealth true
    vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn false
    vars.minimap true
    vars.hud true
    vars.miniMapSpotting true
    vars.3dSpotting true
    vars.killCam true
    vars.3pCam true
    vars.nameTag true
    vars.hitIndicatorsEnabled true
    vars.playerRespawnTime 100      # 75-125 (Ranked) / 1-300 (Unranked)
    vars.soldierHealth 100          # 60-125 (Ranked) / 1-300 (Unranked)
    vars.bulletDamage 100           # 75-125 (Ranked) / 1-300 (Unranked)
    vars.forceReloadWholeMags false
    vars.roundStartPlayerCount 4    # 4-8    (Ranked) / 1-10  (Unranked)
    vars.ticketBleedRate 100        # 75-125 (Ranked) / 1-300 (Unranked)
    # vars.IsNoobOnlyJoin false     # NOOB Preset
    # vars.isCompetitive false      # Obliteration competitive game mode
    #      UNUSED VARS
    # vars.roundWarmupTimeout 600
    # vars.crossHair true
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    alright thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by xloneshadowx View Post
    So i made an infantry only server and i changed this vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed "false" but when i restart it the server it still says false but vehicles are in the game??
    Do you mean by "restart it" the map or the server?
    Yes., Procon saves only temporarily the option. At server restart the values in the startup.txt are taken, but by map restart it should take effect, even while the round is running. The vehicles don't respawn after destroy or appears at vehicles "true". I tested it once in BF3.

    If you use Ultimate Mapmanager, it could also alter the serversettings if "Allow map-specific game presets?" is on.
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    I had the same issue. Gameservers helped me with it. Change your 2 settings for vehicles in Startup.txt to this:

    vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed false
    vars.vehicleSpawnDelay 505

    Restart your server and you will only see "transport" vehicles (buggys, jet ski, motor cycles, 4 wheelers) some will he a gunner spot but they are not in cover and can be killed easy. Hope it helps.



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