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    Default vars.teamfaction

    I have been using USvsUs for so long I forgot what the default setup looks like. Anybody help me out43af53f09725acb66c713ee06ce38fc1.png

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    Just delete the 4 vars.teamfactionoverride lines, save it, and restart the game server. Then it will operate with default teams. The key term being "override". If you don't override the teams, it operates in the default way.

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    Inked4a3f8873f89694fe34cb252c998105f2_LI.jpg Every Since i did that i am unable to log into Procon keep getting this error. I have restarted everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by xloneshadowx View Post
    got it thanks.. what about on procons 63f30d0247b34390c495d8cc4395fdb0.png
    It takes the defaults from the server on connect. Just do what tyger said and you should be back to normal. Procon doesn't store that information between reboots.

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    Yeah, I did that worked great. Thanks guys



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