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    Server Contest. Hope this is ok to post here if not just delete it

    !! NEW CONTEST STARTING WITH CASH PRIZES !! The contest will Start on January.1st - Jan. 20th for the ! Best West Conquest #2 Server FREE TO ENTER. You can register your solider before January 1st but the stats will be reset at midnight when contest starts. Myself and Admins are NOT allowed to win sorry guys but you may still enter the contest. Pass this on to your friends and post in other discords I would like to see a lot of people get in on this contest. The !rank & !stats for west coast server will be reset on Jan.1st for this contest. Top 5 in !rank & !stats will win k/d means nothing it's about score so everybody has a chance to win. Signup in discord at or in one the ! Best Conquest Servers type !signmeup. 1st place- Any Base Game Of Your Choice!!
    2nd place- 20$ amazon card
    3rd place- a game code
    4th place- 30 day VIP Access
    5th place- 10 day VIP Access



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