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    novice on procon plugin problem

    I am a french novice and have just taken a server at nitrado. I installed procon version I would have liked added plugins such as these have appeared for example but I can not.
    In the procon I already have 3 plugins d instal or go to another. a lot of your answer because it's every day I'm looking for no results.

    thank you in advance for the answers you can bring me.

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    thank you for your answer
    i have already looked at the manual when i load the plugin on filezilla it does not put in the procon there are always the 3 installed base and Nothing else

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    Did you restart the procon layer server?

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    thank you it was just that just restart the procon from my server sorry and thank you

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    Starting a server with Nitrado sucks because they don't help or answer questions at all. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all the plugins countless times by now any other questions feel free to message me or post here. I know how rough it can be for someone new

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    yes it is very complicated when you are a novice.

    I am to install the plugin Chat, GUID, Stats and Mapstats Logger []
    there is something to do that looks like programming with my sql software and I do not understand much there are many tutorials but it is complicated

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    Well first you have to enter your database info in the plugin after that turn the plugin on and it will start building the tables. Only thing you have to do in your database would be if you were running adkats. Just put your database info in the plugin

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    I have a member of the forum who is proposed to take the hand on the machine for the road it will be easier as well



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