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    (BF3) Serverrestarts/-crashes

    Hi all,
    my server keeps crashing at good times (amount of players rising). I always thought there are hackers. Maybe sometimes they did it.
    But today i saw something in the Plugin Console that appeared shortly before the server crashed:

    [xVotemap] Error: Exception caught in: OnServerInfo
    [xVotemap] Error: Der Wert darf nicht NULL sein.
    Parametername: collection

    Its in german, the second line tells that the value must not ZERO.
    What is this OnServerInfo?

    The roundtime was ~5 minutes. The other days i saw also these 5 minutes after map-loading before the server crashed. I found in Procon this "Warmup Timeout" with 600 (seconds?) set, could it have to do with this?

    Another one in the xVotemap forum had the same problem, he did something with the Plugin "Automatic Round Restarter" and it helped. I had this plugin too, but deleted it.

    Maybe its the design of my maplists in "Ultimate Map Manager"? I have 2 maplists with the same maps/mode except that Rush-Maps in low population have only 1 round and that the tickets in the low population maplist are lower.

    The crash happens not daily.

    I have also idle kicker on, set to 3500 seconds.

    I don't know if the server has internal problems or my Procon/Plugins causes this.

    The provider even restarts the server every morning (wrote so many tickets, had so many crashes in the past).

    Maybe i just change my provider (G-Portal). Any suggestion?
    I saw Nitrado and 4netplayers (germany), which one is good? Or would USA be happy to have again a BF3 Hardcore server (IAF was my favorite server in the past - RIP)?




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