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    My AdKats - Unable to trigger Auto-Nuke

    My friend set up an Auto-Nuke for me.

    My needs is all maps, Any team captures all flags, The backward ticket gap 500 Auto triggers a Nuke. (Do not trigger below 500)

    But my server seems to have no way to trigger an Auto-Nuke, How do I set it up?


    Can you provide screenshots for my reference?

    Thank you for your help!
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    You have it set up to use the ticket loss rates for operation locker conquest. If you set it up to cover all the ticket loss rates for the mode you run then that will work.

    This system is not meant to handle more than one map, and definitely not more than one mode, but you might be able to make it work if you play with the numbers a bit.

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    Change the 'nuke if winning team up by x tickets' setting to 500.

    Then change the settings off of locker conquest and make the ticket loss rate windows very high so they never trigger.

    You should be good then.

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    This is my server, Team combination: US vs US

    I just don't want to use auto-surrender, So I want to use a reasonable auto-nuke, For me this is enough.


    This is my latest setting, This can make sure that my server does not automatically trigger auto-surrender, and can be used in all Conquest Large maps?

    If you need to tell me the options for change, Please use the screenshot to tell me how to set what I need.

    Thank you for your help again.
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    Change 'maximum ticket count' to 100 less than your max ticket count.
    I suggest reducing your trigger count down from 10 to 2, this will give the nuke a 20 second delay instead of a 2 minute delay. Each trigger is 10 seconds, so requiring 10 triggers means it waits 100 seconds.
    I would also start with 20 second nukes instead of 25, and set the minimum duration between nukes to 120 seconds. You can make it more severe later if needed, but i suggest starting with 20 second nukes at 120 seconds between nukes for conquest.

    All the nuke settings are described here:



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