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    BF4 Plugin Challenges

    Hi All and pardon my noobness..

    I just rented procon hosting from gamerservers and am having some real l challenges. I tried procon out on my local machine months ago and had it working - including loading plugins fairly easily but not today.

    While I was able to load "voteban" plugin, by simply dropping the .cs file into the BF4 plugin folder, adaptive tickets and vote map have been no joy. I extract the .cs file the same way and the .inc file into the general procon folder but upon restart, they don't appear.

    Lastly (I'm still waiting for support to get back to me). for deicated hosting, do I turn Procon Layer Server on, or leave off (default) ? I'm trying to add a clanmate by his in game name and assign him a PW but it isn't working.

    PS - links to any tutorials for adding plugins would be great. I see some devs provide and some don't (i.e. votemap dev did)

    Thx in advance
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