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    Procon Layer Server minimum requirements to run on a VPS/VDS

    I am currently looking into renting either a VPS or VDS but I need to know the minimum requirements so that I can run this and some other things on this server with any issues. Does anyone know these requirements or where to find these them?

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    It all depends on what you are doing and how many plugins/servers/sql etc you are running.\

    Some say procon uses 10-20MB of ram at any given time, to run 5 servers - but not known how many or what plugins.

    If I had to guess - 1gb ram - 20gb disk - if you are keeping logs and a moderate processor.

    If you have to run sql etc then of course more.

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    I tell AdKats to start giving memory warnings when procon takes over 250MB of memory, so most of the time you will be less than that for procon. However, I explicitly state that when running AdKats you should never connect to more than 1 server at a time with that instance of procon.

    If you're running a database, as leib said, you'll need more. Databases keep a certain portion of their data in memory so that it doesn't need to keep going to disk for all the data. What leib said should be enough, depending on how many servers you're planning to support.



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