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    Chinese Localization for Procon v1.6.0.1, by Sptrs_CA

    Chinesized Procon ver1.6.0.1, by Sptrs_CA
    Including Chinesized plug-in and interface, hope you guys like it.

    Also welcome i3d to investigate it, thanks!
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    Last edited by ColColonCleaner; 13-02-2018 at 21:24. Reason: Removed Procon Instance. Uploaded cn.loc file inside.

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    I have modified your attachement to contain only the cn.loc file which is relevant to the localization, the procon instance associated with it has been removed.

    Anyone can upload this cn.loc file to their existing procon instance to have the Chinese translation.

    Thank you for doing this localization.

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    Can someone who knows this language confirm this is a good translation? If I can get that confirmation I'll open a PR into the base procon repository.

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    Good that you removed the procon instance, It contained a trojan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mac_i3d View Post
    Good that you removed the procon instance, It contained a trojan.
    Thank you for the diligence in checking that, I saw your report against this thread.

    EDIT: Do you know why he mentioned I3D in the OP?
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    Not sure why it was relevant for the post to mention us but he was running this on our hosts and we could not find the source.



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