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    Quote Originally Posted by Timm View Post
    Looks like it working, thank you very much.

    We have several servers, and on some I turned on this feature, and for some there is not, so servers with enabled features not crashing now, but servers not protected from new players had 3 crashe per hour.

    Thank you.

    One moment:

    1) maybe you can give us right for change Kick message?
    2) maybe you can add white list, example we want add some trusted players to database.
    Changing the kick message could cause the players to realize what is happening. I would suggest leaving it as it is, completely generic. But if you still insist on having a setting i can add one.

    The script is very simple right now, threw it together in about 10 minutes, making it work with special player tables would take more time. I'll see if I can carve out more time to work on this.

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    Changing kick message not that important.

    Thank you, new feature very help, and crashing stoped last 2 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColColonCleaner View Post
    How long does it take after they join to cause it to crash?
    They only have to reach the loading/spawn screen, once there they can instantly crash the server. There might be a way to crash a server without loading that far, maybe there is also a way to crash a server without having to connect to it, who knows. But I don't know of such way.
    Most hackers that find such exploits won't share this with the public nor with other people at all. This is because they know this would ruin the game.
    Also the ESP is right, there is nothing they can do about it. DICE is and will be the only one that can fix thoose exploits. That said, DICE won't put that much effort into BF4 to fix theese issues. They were lately fixing some issues, but I guess there are a lot more...



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