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    Can anything be done about hackers on Official?

    Are there any options? We run official to get the traffic, but inevitably hackers join and clean the place out. We're trying to establish enough traffic to go over to ranked, but obviously this is hard, and requires active seeding. Is there anything that can be done?

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    No, not really.
    In official mode, you can do almost nothing to control the server. You are essentially providing a server for EA to use -- for free -- according to EA's wishes.

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    I posted on Minionsofdoom discord a "how-to" explaining how to do a oficial kick, it's possible to make proconrulz script or even add it to bf4db or adkats.

    Here is my entire post:
    I do not accept any responsibility and will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you whatsoever arising out of or in connection with any ability/inability to use this information, I will not offer any kind of support. Use at Your Own Risk!
    BF4 Official Kick

    There are multiple ways to kick a player from a BF4 official server, once you send a command, the player will be kicked till Punkbuster server get restarted.

    You can kick players by using these punkbuster commands(on console):

    PB_SV_ProtectName (A player with a protected name can't stay on server)
    PB_SV_ProtectTag (A player with a protected tag can't stay on server)
    PB_SV_CVAR (any CVAR rule to trigger a punkbuster violation)

    PB_SV_ProtectName <anynumber> Player_name

    PB_SV_ProtectTag <anynumber> Player_tag

    PB_SV_CVAR name EXCLUDE Player_name
    (This will kick any player that has a cvar "name == player_name", if you find others CVARs you can use, "player/server" must have a CVAR)
    From the 3 options to kick, the "best" one to do is PB_SV_CVAR, because you can make custom kicks, but it need a little bit of scripting.
    Bu it's possible to do on console as well, for instance you can do like this:

    PB_SV_CVAR "name: Auto-kick by anticheat plugin etc..." EXCLUDE Player_name

    The player will be kicked but it may take 10 seconds to 1 minute and 14 seconds to kick.
    PB_SV_ProtectName may take more, but always work.

    To speed up CVAR Kick, you need to do a few others commands before the one that does the kick, don't ask me why, it just work like that:
    PB_SV_CVARVAL name Player_name
    PB_SV_CVAR "name: <reaon>" EXCLUDE Player_name
    PB_SV_CVARVAL name Player_name

    When you do PB_SV_CvarEmpty, it clear any cvar rule, so you need to wait for the player get kicked, if you try to do 2 kicks using this method, only the last player will be kicked.
    if you want to do more, just remove PB_SV_CvarEmpty command.
    You can do PB_SV_ProtectName as many as you want.

    If a player that got kicked, rejoin, then if you try to kick again, it will take 1 minute and 14 seconds for the kick to take effect.
    If you send the command before the player spawn, it will take 1 minute and 14 seconds for the kick to take effect.

    This does not prevent a server crash, as soon as the cheater spawn, he can crash it under 10 seconds, if there was a way to speed up these commands, then it could work.



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