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    well, if it would reach the banlist, it wont do much, those script change join name on the fly, and a ban only happens when the "player" manage to complete the loading cycle, but the harm is done, a player slot is used
    They change join names on the same account more often than once per week? If i remember correctly you're not allowed to change a soldier name more often than that. But yeah like you said if the slot is taken before the banlist is checked then that's a problem. Come to think of it you can still enter the queue for the server while you're banned so that's not going to help. Damn.

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    my idea, players get only banned/kicked after reaching the ready screen, insane limits script act on this at the moment the players black loading screen with that funny blinking cursor end and u enter the ready screen, but the server see in that time a player is joining and reserves a slot for him, at the moment he get kicked the slot is free again.
    the only thing that works is a firewall that is in front of the game, and eh, i dont think a GSP is happy about that.

    in the older days when playing COD you could host your own server, and i linked bad players IP simply to the firewall i made.
    but that was then, not now.

    i wonder how BF5 handles those scriptkiddies, i guess it will be the same s**** as BF3 and 4.



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