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    well, if it would reach the banlist, it wont do much, those script change join name on the fly, and a ban only happens when the "player" manage to complete the loading cycle, but the harm is done, a player slot is used
    They change join names on the same account more often than once per week? If i remember correctly you're not allowed to change a soldier name more often than that. But yeah like you said if the slot is taken before the banlist is checked then that's a problem. Come to think of it you can still enter the queue for the server while you're banned so that's not going to help. Damn.

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    my idea, players get only banned/kicked after reaching the ready screen, insane limits script act on this at the moment the players black loading screen with that funny blinking cursor end and u enter the ready screen, but the server see in that time a player is joining and reserves a slot for him, at the moment he get kicked the slot is free again.
    the only thing that works is a firewall that is in front of the game, and eh, i dont think a GSP is happy about that.

    in the older days when playing COD you could host your own server, and i linked bad players IP simply to the firewall i made.
    but that was then, not now.

    i wonder how BF5 handles those scriptkiddies, i guess it will be the same s**** as BF3 and 4.

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    I know this thread is half a year old, but figure it is still pertinent, as this is still an existing issue.

    I don't believe this is an issue of DDoS or rogue plugins but rather, some issues on EA's backend servers.

    Assuming the servers function in a similar way as they did in BF2 and BF2142, the master server (now called Blaze IIRC) essentially has a database table, with an entry for each Internet game-server, with numerous basic statistics, such as player count and likely other things, such as map mode and so on. Basically, a database of game servers. This database is updated as the game servers send packets to the master server regarding the current state, every so often-- for example, every 30 seconds. Each time an update was sent, the information would be stored in the database, along with an appropriate timestamp.

    The master server is (or at least used to be) responsible for clearing "old" entries in the respective table every so often-- for example, every 30 seconds. An "old" entry could be something with a timestamp greater than say, 59 seconds. Thus the ultimate result, is whenever a game-server failed to send updates, it would ultimately get dropped from the database after a certain timeframe (in this example, 60 seconds) and the server would no longer appear in the "Server Browser" for the end-user.

    Thus, I suspect there is some issue on their end where either:

    - the master server is not properly updating the database, or
    - the game servers are having issues communicating with the master servers.

    Either way, what I have noticed is the behavior is fairly common, but also almost always the same. If you click to see "All players" when viewing a server in the server browser, empty slots will usually show a player named "Unknown", whereas actual players will have their real names shown. In other words, the number of real players is usually the actual player count.

    Hope that helps.

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    It's actually some kind of DDoS. For reserving one slot you simply need to be logged in in battlelog and issue one single http request. Thats all. You just reserved a slot with it.
    The bad thing about it is that you don't even need a playable copy of battlefield 4 in your origin account. They don't care whether your account is banned by any system (global by EA/FF or by PB or simply on the gameserver). You can still reserve such slot. One reservation last for 2 minutes afaik.
    That being said, you can't reserve a slot if you don't own in game on that account (afaik)
    But actually you can have multiple valid reservations, you can reserve a slot for more then just one server...

    The whole process for reserving isn't that hard though. I found out how this works by simply looking in the network register in chrome devtools...
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