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    procon.private.options.statsLinkNameUrl - Taking it a step further?

    This is very basic Example of a procon.private.options.statsLinkNameUrl: ( as seen in Procon.cfg)
    procon.private.options.statsLinkNameUrl Lookup1 Lookup2

    I would LOVE to figure out a way to open MULTIPLE URLs with ONE click, EG:

    procon.private.options.statsLinkNameUrl Lookup;
    *note the addition of the ";" - I have also tried "," ... neither seems to work.

    It would be AWESOME to have ONE click open Several pages that relate to %playername%

    Has anyone else tried this?
    Any positive input would be appreciated
    - Nerdplow

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    You could have the URL open a webpage which you create, which would then open the other additional webpages.



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