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    BF4 admin commands not working ingame

    eLLo all

    Ive setup our server through G-portal, downloaded procon, followed the step by step guide to run with adkats and I got
    no errors when starting it up (XP-killers plugin first, then adkats).

    BUT I cant get my solider to "work" as admin ingame, it simply says I havent got the rights to use the commands.

    Ive triple checked the name was correct, so that can't be the issue.
    I've made sure the right priv.s - In my case basically all, meaning Full admin was checked.

    1 thing I did, which I perhaps don't need ? is to make 2 admins inside adkats (a full admin and another player with normal admin role) does this conflict with procon ?

    What I miss out ?



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    AdKats does not use any admin information from procon. This is because Adkats admins are meant to be distributed across however many servers you run.

    Please look at the user ranks and roles section of the AdKats documentation for how to add admins/soldiers to AdKats.

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    eLLo ColColon, ok, I have no clue what happened, I deleted ALL roles, reinstated them and it does seem to work ???!!
    (without me running procon in the back). So ty





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