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    End of an era - we were great once

    With the advent of BF1 and it's no custom servers and the steady decline of BF4, are we going to see any more updates to Procon? Many of us still run BF4 servers and Procon layer servers, but I fear there is a steady decline in BF4 players and servers?

    It was a good while it lasted ...


    PS Thanks to the community for the tool, plugins and help!

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    Procon will potter along until it gets so little posts, this will close.

    Geoff will continue to live in <where is he now?>. Sleeping on silken sheets with a companion whose beauty would make you weep with desire.

    Older games will disappear as EA shuts down the official servers and prevents anyone from running legacy servers.
    EA shuts down The Revive Network, officially ending the post-Gamespy life the community had built for Battlefield 2, 2142 and BF: Heroes

    The booty boxes will continue and you will get a prize just for turning up and shooting your gun.

    And old gamers like me will bitch about "How the games died after BF2 - all because of unlimited ammo"

    And that's about it.
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    who knows there may be a use in a future battlefield game for procon again lol yeah righto

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    Yes EA's old games killing tradition is awful



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