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    The FAQ he wrote might help too

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColColonCleaner View Post
    Both prophet and myself are still around, we just aren't working on the projects much. We are both more than happy to approve pull requests into the main git repositories for our projects if they appear to be valid, however handing over the keys to these repositories is dangerous.

    Everyone is welcome to open pull requests with fixes/features into these respective projects, and they can be approved/merged by us with a few minutes of review. This is how github and git as a whole is designed to work. See something you like, fork the repository to make your changes, open a pull request back to the main repository so others can use it there.
    If someone wants to improve the app I'm more than willing to apply any fixes or changes on github. I just no longer have time to do it myself anymore. The ownership I won't hand over at this time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mated77 View Post
    Yes, only the procon port is open. Layer is working and all plugins. All other ipīs (for ex. the ip of our web domain) are blocked. So my thought was to remove the lines that need the rcon port cause the rest is working because the data are stored in the DB. Edit: i thought about to remove this part to get the live view running again.
    You would need to change quite a few files to make the DB work with the live scoreboard. It's not a simple line change unfortunately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ColColonCleaner View Post
    I have no idea why it would reload into just a json object like that. I'm very unfamiliar with PHP though. I know several people on the newer version but i'm not sure of the issues they had.
    That message shouldn't show up to you, something isn't right with your install.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leibhold View Post
    Just for fun, ran Phan test on php code.

    20965 PhanUndeclaredMethod
    2877 PhanUndeclaredClassMethod
    1477 PhanTypeMismatchArgument
    1131 PhanUndeclaredProperty
    740 PhanUndeclaredExtendedClass
    690 PhanTypeMismatchReturn
    558 PhanAccessMethodInternal
    478 PhanUndeclaredConstant
    406 PhanTypeMismatchArgumentInternal
    386 PhanTypeMismatchProperty
    355 PhanUnextractableAnnotationElementName
    311 PhanUndeclaredVariable
    213 PhanParamTooMany
    209 PhanTypeMismatchDeclaredParamNullable
    165 PhanUndeclaredTypeParameter
    159 PhanTypeMissingReturn
    131 PhanUndeclaredTypeReturnType
    113 PhanNonClassMethodCall
    106 PhanTypeInvalidDimOffset
    88 PhanTypeNonVarPassByRef
    74 PhanRedefineFunctionInternal
    69 PhanTypeMismatchDefault
    69 PhanTypeArraySuspicious
    65 PhanUnreferencedUseNormal
    61 PhanUndeclaredTypeProperty
    61 PhanDeprecatedFunction
    54 PhanCommentParamWithoutRealParam
    44 PhanParamSignatureMismatch
    42 PhanAccessPropertyInternal
    41 PhanAccessClassConstantInternal
    40 PhanTypeMismatchDimFetch
    40 PhanDeprecatedClass
    38 PhanTypeArraySuspiciousNullable
    36 PhanUndeclaredFunction
    36 PhanUndeclaredClassConstant
    33 PhanUndeclaredVariableDim
    30 PhanUndeclaredClassInstanceof
    29 PhanUnextractableAnnotation
    29 PhanTypeExpectedObjectPropAccess
    22 PhanUndeclaredStaticMethod
    20 PhanUndeclaredClass
    19 PhanTypeComparisonFromArray
    16 PhanTypeExpectedObjectPropAccessButGotNull
    15 PhanUndeclaredClassCatch
    15 PhanTypeMismatchDeclaredParam
    15 PhanRedefinedInheritedInterface
    14 PhanCommentParamOnEmptyParamList
    13 PhanUndeclaredMethodInCallable
    10 PhanTypeInvalidLeftOperandOfNumericOp
    10 PhanParamSuspiciousOrder
    9 PhanUndeclaredFunctionInCallable
    9 PhanTypeArrayOperator
    7 PhanUndeclaredTypeThrowsType
    7 PhanTypeMismatchForeach
    7 PhanTypeMismatchDimAssignment
    7 PhanTypeComparisonToArray
    6 PhanUndeclaredInterface
    6 PhanTypeInvalidDimOffsetArrayDestructuring
    6 PhanTypeInvalidCallableArraySize
    6 PhanRedefineFunction
    6 PhanRedefineClass
    5 PhanUnextractableAnnotationSuffix
    5 PhanUndeclaredStaticProperty
    5 PhanTypeMagicVoidWithReturn
    5 PhanTypeInvalidRightOperand
    5 PhanParamTooManyInternal
    4 PhanParamTooFew
    4 PhanInvalidCommentForDeclarationType
    4 PhanCommentParamOutOfOrder
    3 PhanTypeInvalidRightOperandOfNumericOp
    3 PhanRedefineClassInternal
    2 PhanUndeclaredVariableAssignOp
    2 PhanTypeMismatchDimEmpty
    2 PhanTypeInvalidThrowsIsInterface
    2 PhanTypeInvalidLeftOperandOfAdd
    2 PhanTraitParentReference
    2 PhanRedefinedExtendedClass
    2 PhanParamTooManyCallable
    2 PhanParamReqAfterOpt
    2 PhanCompatiblePHP7
    1 PhanUndeclaredClassInCallable
    1 PhanTypeVoidAssignment
    1 PhanTypeSuspiciousStringExpression
    1 PhanTypeMismatchDimFetchNullable
    1 PhanTypeInvalidRightOperandOfAdd
    1 PhanTypeInvalidCallableArrayKey
    1 PhanTypeArrayUnsetSuspicious
    1 PhanStaticCallToNonStatic
    1 PhanParamTooFewInternal
    1 PhanParamSpecial1
    1 PhanNoopClosure
    1 PhanEmptyFile
    1 PhanAccessClassInternal
    What you trying to say huh? Haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prophet731 View Post
    What you trying to say huh? Haha
    There is just one empty file
    1 PhanEmptyFile
    1 PhanAccessClassInternal
    So it should be a breeze to upgrade to latest PHP
    Game nick Volo_Mortis
    Read the manual ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leibhold View Post
    There is just one empty file

    So it should be a breeze to upgrade to latest PHP
    A lot more to it than that sadly.
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