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Thread: Forum Time Warp

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    Forum Time Warp

    Some of you may have noticed that the forums have gone back in time a day or two.

    This was due to some moron clicking the wrong button and running a spam remover on a long time valued member.
    This resulted in the valued member being banned, all their posts removed and other general real mayhem.

    As there was no real way of reversing this act of stupidity without using a chicken, a verse from a very old leather bound book and some quantum entanglement theory, Stoichiometric kindly restored a backup of the forums from prior to the said button being clicked.

    This has restored the forums and the long time member back to as it should be.

    I thank Stoichiometric for the assist and have promised to be more careful in the future.
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    Cheers! Informative, funny posts like yours are always welcome.

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    Shit happens



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