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    and sorry for the much quistions... but now i have 2 guys that know more then i me i like to use it with one more quistion....

    is it possible to have 1 player start i always used vars.roundRestartPlayerCount 4 vars.roundStartPlayerCount 1... now is the issue after a restart off my host i have to play first with 4 again before its 1 player start again.. every time after a restart this happend have any off you a idea if there is a way to have it 1 player start all the time even when it restarts the host?

    also i added the codes that i got for the US VS US... my procon say its oke but still i need to change it now in my procon after restart... will this be the same story as with the one player start? ( after every restart us vs us is not working anymore ) ?

    i find also out that when i was doing this i lost my complete settings from insane limmits.. so i am not sure if what i did was working i only know that i took me some time to fiks my insane limmits plugin again...

    this are the only 2 things left to let my server run good enought to get some players... it would be nice if someone know the anwsers..

    thanks again and again sorry for the so much quistions.

    Greetz Sussan
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