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    quistion about US vs US MODE

    Hi Guys & Girls,

    i was quistioning myself if its possible to let youre server run on only US VS US mode all the time.. now if my server restart i need to put in the settings all the time again so i hope it possible to not have that issues with a plugin or something. Do someone know if this is possible and so yes then where can i find it.. thanks already for the help

    Greetz Sussan

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    Add this
    vars.teamFactionOverride 1 0
    vars.teamFactionOverride 2 0
    vars.teamFactionOverride 3 0
    vars.teamFactionOverride 4 0

    and make sure below line is on TOP of the config.
    vars.preset "CUSTOM" false

    than u have a nice US vs US round.
    cough, north vs south, hehe.



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