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    Exclamation .net framework error

    In the past two days I have had multiple pop up windows from .net framework with no visible info. When these occur, I can still click on things/type in procon, but it isnt being sent to the server, nor is the in-game chat updating in procon. Ive had this happen a handful of times since I started using the program a few months ago, but the past few days it has been occurring within a few minutes of booting procon almost without fail. Usually [but not always] procon will lose connection for a few seconds after the window pops up, then reconnect automatically [which is when I am no longer albe to make changes via procon]. Attempting to close the .net window gives me a "Procon is not responding" dialogue, and I am forced to close it.

    Running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with .NET Framework 3.5 [via windows features] and 4.6.2 installed.




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