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    R12 changelog

    "Controlling map switching
    mapList.* can be used to edit the maplist while the server is running.
    mapList.setNextMap sets which will be the next map by map and gamemode name.
    mapList.setNextMapIndex sets which will be the next map.
    mapList.getMapIndices returns information on which is the current and next map in the list.
    mapList.runNextRound switches to the next round, without finishing the current.
    mapList.restartRound makes all players reload the current map, and restarts the current round.
    mapList.endRound declares a specific team as the winning team, and then moves directly to the end-of-round screen."

    I hope that's what are you waiting for release the new version

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    the development for BF3 of this plugin is dead, isn't?

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    Not dead, but heavy delayed due to private issues... :/
    Well, i don't give a date, but...


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    C'mon Phil, your " but.... " is a blow below the belt :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Legate. View Post
    C'mon Phil, your " but.... " is a blow below the belt :-)
    Ow yeah, I am still waiting for it.

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    Does it work with BF3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpt View Post
    Does it work with BF3?

    Not yet, we are waiting for the BF3 compatible version.

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    I am looking forward to use it on bf3

    Greetings Lapto_83

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    sorry to drag up an old thread but does this work for BF4?



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