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    Where did I go wrong?


    I made some code that changes the preset settings based on certain events. This code is set to on round end:

    if (preset == 0){
    	// Hybrid settings
    	plugin.SendGlobalMessage("Setting preset to Hybrid", 5);
    	plugin.ServerCommand("vars.preset", "custom");
    	plugin.ServerCommand("vars.friendlyFire", "false");
    	plugin.ServerCommand("vars.idleTimeout", "300");
    	plugin.ServerCommand("vars.killCam", "false");
    	plugin.ServerCommand("vars.miniMap", "false");
    	plugin.ServerCommand("vars.3dSpotting", "false");
    	plugin.ServerCommand("vars.nameTag", "false");
    	plugin.ServerCommand("vars.regenerateHealth", "true");
    	plugin.ServerCommand("vars.soldierHealth", "60");
    	plugin.ServerCommand("vars.hud", "true");
    	plugin.ServerCommand("vars.hitIndicatorsEnabled", "true");
    }else if (preset == 1){
    	// Normal settings
    	plugin.SendGlobalMessage("Setting preset to Normal", 5);
    	plugin.ServerCommand("vars.preset", "normal");
    }else if (preset == 2){
    	// Hardcore settings
    	plugin.SendGlobalMessage("Setting preset to Hardcore", 5);
    	plugin.ServerCommand("vars.preset", "hardcore");
    I can confirm the "Setting preset to" messages work properly, but nothing changes. Any thoughts?

    Update: I failed to mention this code is in Insane Limits
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    Turns out the plugin "Adaptive Ticket Count" was overriding it, so I made my own version with insane limits and disabled it. It works now!



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