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    How to set !votenext and !votenuke command? (For BF4)

    My server often has a completely leading situation, Because all the flags are occupied by one team, Continuing the game is just a waste of time.

    But I was a novice to buy the BF4 server, Plus my English ability is poor, It is difficult for me to get the relevant knowledge alone, Can someone tell me how to set?

    Thank you very much!

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    Thank you for your reply!

    My server currently has only one map, My needs: when the round appears the leading gap in the ticket.

    Without prejudice to the interests of the victor team, Through the end of the round, by !votenext example:

    The remaining tickets:
    TEAM 1 1000
    TEAM 2 500

    After the end round of the vote:
    TEAM 1 1000 take Winer
    TEAM 2 0

    This plugin can meet my needs?

    PS.The so-called team configuration

    The following combinations:

    Can the plugin correctly determine the winning team?

    Whether the following occurs:
    US TEAM 1000
    TEAM 2 500

    End round
    US TEAM 1 0
    RU OR US TEAM 500 take Winer?

    If it does not produce the result I am worried about, Could you tell me how to set up a screenshot?

    Thank you very much!



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