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    He's probably having the same issue I had. It's just so much easier to run VSM and for other challenges, an example being "The Viper Challenge" soon as someone wins Procrulz sends a message to VSM and adds them for the duration. So you can either use VSM and turn reserved slots off in AdKats then manually add the winner to VSM, or don't use VSM and just stick with Adkats, Final thing is what max said add a code into the adkats.cs add a reward option for VSM. When somone wins an adKats challenge all adkats has to do is say /vsm add +5 xtheloneshadowx. See Col. The problem he is having is same as i had, different programs conflicting with one another when adding VIP's and I love adkats and I love VSM my two favortie plugins but they don't work too good togther sometimes. Just my thoughts, Well now I gotta head over to adkats fourm, I have some questions to drop lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by serialkillerz82 View Post
    Hi I have recently began to get the following errors since I have started to use the Challenge system in Adkats. I understand what I have to do to stop the error, however I need Adkats to feed the reserve slots automatically. Some reason I can not have both plugins feeding this info. Is this something you can help with?
    Just to give an update Maxdralle is amazing & has resolved this for me. Thanks to everyone who replied, great to see such a kind & helpful community!

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    yeah, we are the last bf community with real servers. of course we help each other

    nice to hear that it works. few other guys changed the adkats.cs file also to make it compatible with the vsm plugin. but keep in mind your modifications when you update the adkats plugin next time. maybe one day we get an official adkats setting for that stuff.
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