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    cna you help me write vip can kill's code..not vip can.t kill

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    Quote Originally Posted by 13697681523 View Post
    cna you help me write vip can kill's code..not vip can.t kill
    No. This forum will not support flag-run or boosting servers as they are against EA TOS. You will need to find your help elsewhere. Any posts supporting this type of server will be deleted by moderators.

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    - Add: Aggressive Join Abuse Protection (optional)
    This function is helpful to track each VIP if he rejoins too many times with an 'Aggressive Join Kick' on full server. When a single VIP triggered is his max. threshold (custom setting value) of this kind of rejoins per round, then he can not rejoin again with 'Aggressive Join Kick' privilege till next round. In this case, if he rejoins again in the same round, then he can NOT bypass the server queue. He have to wait like normal players. While he is on the server, the Gameserver and all Plugins handles him as an valid VIP but without 'Aggressive Join Kick' privilege. All other VIPs can still join with 'Aggressive Join Kick' privilege. On next round he can join again with 'Aggressive Join Kick' privilege.

    - Add: Command !addsemivip (optional)
    To add temporary VIP till round end / rejoin

    - Add: Advanced Log to Adkats (optional)

    - Add: Alternative Link to github

    Download link on the first post:
    Developer of the VIP Slot Manager Plugin

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    First plugin update i've seen in ages. Nice going man!



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