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    Request "Insane Limits" code (only sniper squad deathmatch)

    Due to server rules in the code limits the protection "admins_and_reserved_slots", in the use of proconrulz cannot further VIP transition using weapons to restrict the server, I thought of you can use "insane limits" to restrict, to assist in the server is running the all staff to SQDM mode after the server can only use sniper to have, it's a pity I will not write "insane limits" of the code, so I come to for help, request to find the right code, thank you.
    1, the server whether any maps in running "squad" deathmatch mode, all players in the game can only be used to limit weapons to kill (sniper or which, etc.).
    2, whether managers or VIP if you use the unrestricted weapons to kill will be punished.
    3, can be customised forgiveness conditions, such as: kill 1 or 2 times, punishment execution and warned that more than kill limit, kick out the game server.
    4, to ban all explosive damage, including poison arrows, bomb bows and arrows.
    5, and prohibited gun damage, but not the MARE 'S legs ", many people like to use it for entertainment.
    6, sniper demand a ban on all weapons of DMR damage and "SR338" he destroyed the balance.
    Thank you, please help me to write a rule that I don't know if I describe clearly, I can't write "insane limits" rules



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