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    Hi guys,

    i had these problems on my official server too. I've 24 slots and when i had shut down my server and switched him after one day on, in 5 - 10 seconds the server was full (in BL). With bots or something. i changed my server after a few days, it was unplayable with this fu**ing bots and all so fu##ing kiddies/hacker.

    see here, its a great problem:


    Greetings, toxic

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    Hm... Maybe cheats and nothing else?

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    it was unplayable with fu##ing kiddies/hacker.
    Try ranked then, with ranked you will have banhummer

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    Ive tried same issue on my server. it showed 24/64 players and there was no one inside. I "only" run plugins from here (adkats and a few more) and never tried to fill it up with external programs - hence I am the only one with full access Im pretty sure its a faulty Battlelog to blame.



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