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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon2203 View Post
    Free databases are never any good.

    Here is db4free's terms: is a testing environment is not suitable for production
    if you decide to use your database in production despite the warnings, you do that at your own risk (very frequent backups are highly recommended)
    data loss and outages can happen at any time (any complaints about that will likely be ignored)
    the team is not granting any warranty or liability of any kind
    the team reserves the right to delete databases and/or accounts at any time without notice
    it is up to you to get the latest information from the Forum and the blog provides only a MySQL database, but no web space (there is nowhere to upload any files)

    Sounds very bad to me.

    Some game server hosts provide web space and have database support. You may want to ask the game server host if they have this service and ask how much it costs.

    Otherwise, you can rent from a decent web server host for less than $5 a month.

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    well nevermind,i purchased paid service in 'Rconhostingservicenet'
    but now im having problem with 'Error!! Server Offline!!' in Server Info list
    but the in Serverstats list it can appear my server stats.weird..



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