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    Vehicle Air kill limits

    I really don't want to reinvent the wheel here. I want to run Dawnbreaker map with a Helo/Jet kill limit. I believe with the amount of scripts here I'm sure I can find one. What I would like to know is If I list Vehicles in the script that are not in the map will it throw a wrench in the system or will they just be ignored?

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    If you include checks for vehicle kill codes that aren't in the map they will just never trigger, you should be able to run that script without issue.

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    I think that compensation received for damage dealt to you is far lower than it should be, or at the very least it seems to be very disconnected. And yes collision team damage for maybe the first minute of the game needs to not be penalize just so all the drunk drivers can get out of the spawn area.

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    My server needs on all maps, use Air vehicles Kill limit. (Attack helicopter, JET)

    How should I set it?
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