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    Angry Local file AU missing suicide

    I've looked all over for this, including older versions of procon and I cannot seem to locate anything related to the BF3 Suicide message and the missing weapon in the au.loc file and I have not seen anything related to fixing this.

    On my current and updated procon, I see this message whenever someone suicides:

    [12:31:09] PLAYERNAME [{MISSING: global.Weapons.d$t}] PLAYERNAME

    Does anyone know how to FIX this?

    Is there an updated loc file that can be downloaded that contains the fix for this message?

    I know that it's not really a big deal and doesn't affect game play or how procon is running, but it is a bug and would like to see this fixed.


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    If I recollect correctly, this is caused by a bug in the RCON protocol. We have not added this buggy kill code to any language file or bf3.def.

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    And this one:

    PLAYERNAME [{MISSING: global.Weapons.freefall}] PLAYERNAME

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    You could always add a line to the file

    Add global.Weapons.freefall=Fell down


    Add global.Weapons.‰d$…t‹ƒ=No idea
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