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    Re: Server Settings Saver

    Having it based on Map would be incredible. Some maps play better over a longer period of time, or with quicker vehicle respawn rates than others.

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    Re: Server Settings Saver

    yes, mapbased or maprefered would be awesome. Then one can change maplists, and the according settings to each map follows automaticly. If all the level variables would be included, I' ll print your name on my desktop.!


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    Re: Server Settings Saver

    Quote Originally Posted by =BB=Insomnia
    Quote Originally Posted by pharbehind
    Yeah, Map Variables will be a big win for this plugin on the next version I'll hold out til then. Cool idea.
    Saving map variables without editing startup.txt is possible with the Startupper plugin:

    Oh nice i have never seen before....

    but its that very difficult to add this in your Plugin? I want run not to much plugins in the same time.

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    Will this plugin be compatible with BF3?

    Or is there a way to save settings and such built into the new version, so far every time my
    game server resets, all the settings in PRoCon get reset as well.
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    Awesome to hear, can you PM me when it's finished, if possible?

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    Any news on update for BF3? We often switch with different settings, so we use plain text files now to switch, woud be much easier I think if this plugin does the trick as well, but then way easier!

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    Yeah, I haven't had a chance to work on it sorry.. I haven't forgotten though

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    Yeah would love to see this working for BF3, too!!

    Should have it because of fast switching from public to ESL settings



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