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    Request: Insane Limits/ProconRulz - Disable Attack Helicopter Spawn on Small Teams


    I have a Request: Insane Limits or ProconRulz. Is it possible to completely disable Spawn on Attack Helicopters US-CN on Small Teams untill 16 active players are on the server. Then the players can use the Attack Heli.

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    As far as i know, you cant restrict spawns in vehicles but you can "punish" killing with them

    Correction: i dont know if you can change the server setting and have it take effect without server restart, but you can disable spawning of vehicles from server settings: vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed "false"
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    I saw it before on some servers, that you cant spawn on a vehicle on small teams. I got killed in a little bird when i want to spawn.
    It is possible to do this, otherwise i dont get killed in action.

    disable vehicle spawn as server setting is not the solution.

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    Well, maybe it can be done with AdKats or On Loadout Enforcer (they can both do stuff on spawn i dont know about)

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