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    Need a PayPal alike alternative

    Hello guys, ive been searching the net for a PayPal alternative . Simply because of our government likes to f*** our citizens on EVERYTHING they can. In doing so, they recently (couple of months) rejected renewal of agreement of PayPal to operate for our country. So Paypal cannot be used here.

    Why i ask for a PayPal alike alternative is because it was so easy to accept/send money through PayPal's personal page where customers only type in the amount of money they want to send and hit Send(or Pay). Of course they need to either enter their card details if havent done it before or have paypal account already with their credit card info already stored there... or something like that.

    Now im just looking for a new online payment company that can provide the closest style of accepting payments as in PayPal. I just give link of the page to customers where they enter amount of money and hit Send.

    Ive found a site called Stripe, searched a bit on it and saw its head to head with PayPal in the bussiness but it was a bit confusing, didnt understand how to work it and certainly couldnt figure out if they had a feature the way i wanted. (didnt wanna go through all the registering/setting up info etc. before i know for certain).

    If any of you have suggestions, know any other "accepting payment" solution similar to PayPal, please share.

    Thank you for any help you post here.

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    Thanks man, this is what i needed to know also. I wouldnt know if Stripe would be suited for me or not if you hadnt post that link (i didnt think to check if it was even available for my country). Now i know that its not. I would have gone through all that registering stuff for nothing.

    Now i gotta look for another alternative.



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