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Thread: Im a noob

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    Im a noob

    Hi guys, I'm noob and Im asking where to start. Me and some friends rented a small server at

    What is the next step? Its bf4 server.

    Thank you for help and pls remember I'm a total noob

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    - Download Procon.
    - If you also got a Procon Layer from fragnet, you should have connection info on there that you can use to connect to that layer through Procon client you downloaded.
    - After you connected, Add admins. Goto Parent Layer Control tab in Procon client. If you cant see the tab, its okay you should be able to see a tab called Accounts and Plugins. Go to Accounts and add player names of people you want to give admin rights to that list.
    - If you want to add plugins, you need to upload plugin file (.cs) to folder "Plugins/BF4" in your Procon Layer (you would need FTP login information from your GSP and connect through FTP to upload plugin file(s))

    For more information read these threads and understand how it works:

    - <- Procon Manual

    - <- info on various stuff that will be helpfull when using Procon

    - <- server administration docs released by DICE also containing latest updated rcon commands you can use for your server

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    Thank you so much BuRockK, at first I didn't have ProCon layer but i did buy one. Ok I have a lot ahead of me now. I will come back with more question later. Thank you for help

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    Sure no problem. If you have any questions on specific plugin or need help on setting things up, ask them in related topics and you will get help from anyone who knows how.

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