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    Endround in-game command for proconrulz?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could either point me to a plugin, or wright some code for proconrulz that allows me to type !endround (Winning team)? Where winning team would be US, CN, or RU? It would help a lot to be able to end games early while saving scores.


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    Like ive stated in another topic, !endround in-game command is available if you enable "In-Game Admin" plugin that is already installed in Procon by default.

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    Hmm... Well, I assume I have that enabled, because I have quite a lot of in-game commands that I can currently use. Endround is not one of them, however. I do have !nextlevel and !restart.

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    Well, I take that back. I seem to have it, but have no idea how to use it. I've looked everywhere (including that document you had me download. Can't find any in-game admin commands in it). Could you directly show me to where I can learn how to use it?


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    Ok I've successfully used it now, but do I need to use a teamnumber instead of US, RU, CN? Cause that's the only way I seem to get it to work, and I don't know how to find out what number a team is other than doing a message to a number and having people tell me when they see it :/ I guess I'll mess around with it more when the server is empty.

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    The team numbers shown in game are the numbers you need. Its usually 1-US 2-RU 3-CN

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    Ok thank you. I have never seen any team numbers in game... I'll have to keep an eye out. Thanks!

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    My bad, numbers dont show.



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