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    Wait, all you wanted to do was issue bans on people? With AdKats running you just create a new record in the adkats_records_main table with an adkats_read of 'N' and the plugin runs whatever command you want, kicks people, bans them, or whatever you told it to. You don't need to manually kick them, the plugin handles that.

    To make the plugin itself do this checking, you would need to modify the player statistics fetching portion of the plugin. Instead of pointing things at battlelog, point it at your custom site. Or just also check your custom site along with battlelog.

    What issues have you found with the default hacker-checker?
    nono, i just need a way for calling the php file if the player joins, all ather things (getting stats, process them, ...) will be done by the file itself.

    but the problem is the timing. the player needs to already exist in the statslogger db (so i can get the ID for adkats actions).
    when statslogger knows the player, he is already there, with the id, name and so on - a web client call from it would do the thing.

    but i need a hint where i can place the web client code for executing it.

    from statslogger or adkats doesnt matter, just need to call the adress when a new player is joined.

    >create a new record in the adkats_records_main
    just in the records? i do a entry in this AND the ban list (with referece to the record), it works good - isnīt this correct?

    >What issues have you found with the default hacker-checker?
    Its a nice tool for realtime checks, but my way blocks the cheater before he can do things that the hacker checker would find.
    Something like this would be banned before he can use his aimbot on my servers:

    There is nothing further what i need, except this webclient call.
    Just need to load the website, nothing else.

    (sorry, my english is really bad ^^)



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