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    be aware all you i3d server renters

    just a heads up to all that use i3d. if you need anything doing to your server and a guy called Herman answers your ticket do not let him proceed with anything. I would not trust him one iota.

    I asked for all server logs to be removed to free up the server as it was running a bit laggy at times. Sure he deleted the logs along with the server id file (the one that puts you in battleog and people fave your server) ..well now we have lost 3 years, yes 3 year of faves on our most popular server. We had this from bf4 release day and now we have jack shit.

    I am so disappointed as now we have to start from ground zero a month before bf1 is released.

    sorry for the rant but I don't want anyone else going through what we are going through right now. ...

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    auch........ that sux

    But regulars will proberly find it again? i switched a few times with the servers from provider withhout the .id, did not noticed a setback. Its almost weekend so it will be quickly filled and added to the favorites by them.

    Good luck m8

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    I dedicate this thread to all who said something positive about i3D out of kindness when i posted the faults of i3D some long time ago in a far far thread

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    Sorry to hear that Entra... One of the reasons why I moved away from i3D was due to their poor customer support.

    Good thing I keep a copy of the serverID.dat file on my computer, so even if our provider removed it by accident, I still have quite a few copies.
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    Don't worry, you probably don't want to rent a BF1 server anyway.

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    Personally I don't think that server logs will make server less laggy. It's laggy because service provider have started for example additional game server on the same physical machine. Anyway, this situation should never happen of course. It seems as well that they do not make any automatic backup of critical server files...



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