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    Exclamation sos, sos, sos, some problems about the plugin ProconRulz

    I am an Asian server administrator may English is not very good, also please see help a friend to help me.
    I have a server in the use of ProconRulz plug-in met a big problem, but I don't know what I should be in place to help, so Posting here to ask for help.
    In writing ProconRulz rules I cannot use the rule "modmods" has been the terms of the errors, so, I think the server when the operation mode of "rush" taboo "m224" don't know this rule should be how to write, please also help.
    Secondly, there is a problem, I used the limit in the rules of the sniper's rules, but in "gnu Master" operation mode at the back of the players use sniper rifle will be killed by the administrator, should how to solve this problem?
    Hope here to find a more help, thank you.

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