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    Red face punish for killing team mate plugin request

    Hey guys

    can someone give me a plugin to forgive or punish a team killer?

    like !p to punish and !f to forgive?

    i am using proconrulz and addkatz and maybe i have it there and i am missing something?

    thanks for the help

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    For proconrulz:

    On TeamKill;
        set %tked_%v%% %p%
        VictimSay %p% has teamkilled you. Type !p to punish or !f to forgive.
        PlayerSay You teamkilled %v%. He might !punish or !forgive you.
    On Say;Text !p,!punish;
        if %tked_%p%% != 0;
            Say %tked_%p%% You've been punished by %p% for teamkilling.
            Kill %tked_%p%%
            Set %tked_%p%% 0
    On Say;Text !f,!forgive;
        if %tked_%p%% != 0;
            PlayerSay You forgive %tked_%p%% for teamkilling you.
            Say %tked_%p%% You've been forgiven for teamkilling %p%. Watch out next time.
            Set %tked_%p%% 0
    (not tested)

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    can you tell me Please where in proconrulz i need to put it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gillibong View Post
    can you tell me Please where in proconrulz i need to put it?
    Plugin>Settings>Rules (click [...] then paste the code on a new line at the very top)

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    There is original rule that comes with ProconRulz plugin "proconrulz_punish.txt"
    You can also watch this topic

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