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    Ptoblem with proconrulez plugin.

    Hey! I have problem with proconrulez plugin.Admin/Admins are not protected from
    kick or killed anymore. Have you this code for protect Admin protected from kick
    and killed.Ihave found this before but lost pages, there i found this.Blaze

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    The option to protect Admins/Admins_and_Reserved slots only works if your triggered event is writen in ProconRulz, if you have an event trigger on another plugin that results in kick, they will not be protected by ProconRulz own protection settings.

    In addition, you can use ";Not Admin;" in your event triggers to exclude Admins from that rule. (if youre not using "Protect these players from kick or kill" option in ProconRulz settings)

    In other plugins, to protect your admins from kicks, kills etc., you need to specifiy admins are excluded from those triggers.
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    Thanx dude have you the code for Bf3.protected; Protected; Admin etc.? Iknow this works Blaze
    I have one proconrules plugin installed in server already now.? Most check that.Double installation.
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    Yea just put ";Not Protected;" and ";Not Admin;" (without quotes) to your triggers which will exclude Admins or Protected(Also includes Admins) players

    On join;Not Admin;...


    On join;Not Protected;...

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    Thanx but if player use !votekick TargetPlayer how i write this code.How this code look likes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaze0075 View Post
    Thanx but if player use !votekick TargetPlayer how i write this code.How this code look likes?
    votekick rule for ProconRulz is not just one event trigger code. Theres a proconrulz examples thread, there should be a simple votekick/voteban rule you can use in ProconRulz.

    That rule, as far as know excludes admins (not sure if excludes Protected players). Ask how to also exclude Protected player from !voteban in that thread and they will help you.



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