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    Startupper v0.2 restores Serversettings without startup.txt!

    Restores Serversettings after restart of the server, if you don't have access to the startup.txt,

    Copy to your plugins dir.
    Restart Procon.

    Copy the generated strings from the Server-Settings Config Generator file in the Startup List array from the Plugin-Settings. Each string in a seperated line!
    The settings will be restored whenever Procon logins onto the server.
    You will have to re-login after making changes.



    fixed not working

    Not working

    Not existent

    Example: for startup.txt
    vars.gamePassword ""
    vars.ranked true
    vars.punkBuster true
    vars.serverName "Ballerbude HC Procon Wolfcon Ranked Private Stats"
    vars.bannerUrl ""
    vars.serverDescription "Willkommen bei!|No Vehiclestealing! No Baserape!|No Carl Gustav / RPG7 on Infantry!|Respect admins and other players!"
    vars.hardCore true
    vars.friendlyFire true
    vars.idleTimeout 7200
    vars.profanityFilter false
    vars.teamKillCountForKick 6
    vars.teamKillValueForKick 4100
    vars.teamKillValueIncrease 1000
    vars.teamKillValueDecreasePerSecond 50
    vars.rankLimit -1
    vars.teamBalance false
    vars.killCam true
    vars.miniMap true
    vars.crossHair true
    vars.3dSpotting false
    vars.miniMapSpotting true
    vars.thirdPersonVehicleCameras true
    levelVars.set all tickets 601
    levelVars.set all vehicleSpawnRate 300
    levelVars.set all vehiclesDisabled false
    levelVars.set all startDelay 45
    levelVars.set all respawnDelay 15
    levelVars.set level levels/bc1_harvest_day_cq tickets 150
    levelVars.set level levels/bc1_oasis_cq vehiclesDisabled true
    levelVars.set level levels/bc1_oasis_cq tickets 300
    levelVars.set level levels/bc1_oasis_cq vehicleSpawnRate 1
    levelVars.set gamemode SQDM vehiclesDisabled true
    levelVars.set gamemode SQDM vehicleSpawnRate 1
    levelVars.set gamemode SQDM tickets 150
    So you add these lines to the array in the config, and these settings will be restored after the Server has restarted.
    The Statsscripts for your own server:
    Live Demo BF3:
    Download & Thread BF3:

    Live Demo BC2:
    Download & Thread BC2:

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    Re: Startupper v0.2 ( startup.txt )

    That sounds helpful!
    ..but it doesn't save the settings to the server or? It only restores previous settings if a server reboots with defaults? Would mean, settings are restored after mapreload/-forward..?


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    Re: Startupper v0.2 ( startup.txt )

    our provider does not allow to edit the startup.txt, and there is no option to set the settings like tickets/round for each map or infantry only on squaddeathmatch maps.
    without this plugin you we had to change this settings over and over every morning, because 4netplayer restarts the servers every day.
    The Statsscripts for your own server:
    Live Demo BF3:
    Download & Thread BF3:

    Live Demo BC2:
    Download & Thread BC2:



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