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    ESL Server Plugin (ProconRulz Script)

    This is a Proconrulz Script for running a Server suited to Play PCW, or other Matches according to ESL Rules there.

    Requirements: The Proconrulz base Plugin, Your server has to be able to store %ini_% Variables.


    - Automatic disallowed Weapon Detection, optional penalty Loop (X On spawn Kills after a rulebreak)
    - In-game Login, No Procon Access or other subsciption needed.
    - In-game Commands to go Warmup Mode, Live Mode, Change Map and more.

    Full command List available in-game

    /Password yourpassword - Logs you in as Admin, until you Logout
    !Logout,/Logout Logs you out as Admin
    !penalty on / off sets the Penalty Loop to 3 on spawn Kills, or just one Immediate kill.
    !addspectator X - sets X spec-slots (0-4)
    !map X - Loads Map # X (1-18) from Index
    1 Siege of Shangai (DOM)
    2 Paracel Storm (DOM)
    3 Operation Locker (DOM)
    4 Dawnbreaker (DOM)
    5 Lancang Dam (DOM)
    6 Zavod 311 (DOM)
    7 Golmud Railway (DOM)
    8 Siege of Shangai (SQO)
    9 Paracel Storm (SQO)
    10 Operation Locker (SQO)
    11 Dawnbreaker (SQO)
    12 Hainan Resort (SQO)
    13 Zavod 311 (SQO)
    14 Golmud Railway (SQO)
    15 Operation Locker (2v2TDM)
    16 Dawnbreaker (2v2TDM)
    17 Operation Locker (SQTDM)
    18 Dawnbreaker (SQTDM)

    !live enemyteam - restarts round in LIVE mode
    !warmup - restarts round in WARMUP mod
    !initialize - Re-initializes the Maplist


    Adapt the following two Values for your needs INSIDE the Textfile.


    Continue like the following:

    setup 2.png

    After that, join the server and Log in. just type the command

    /Login yourpassword

    in the chatbox, and you are ready to go. Watch out that you use the Slash to enter it. this will hide your Message from the Public chat. You might want to setup the Maplist now, so also try the command !initialize.

    Please let me Know if you find any bugs or have wishes for Improvements.

    >>>one ESL Script Public edition.txt<<<
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    Great work! When i first got my server i was thinking of having a server for clans to practice ESL based matches. But didnt know much coding and even didnt knew what ESL requirements were after i learned most of ProconRulz scripting. Now, i just might use this now or wait for BF1 (we will see what changes will be in BF1 scripting-wise)



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