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    Question Procon to optimize Hardline | Thank you



    I apologize if I'm starting posting in the wrong place. I inform you that I speak little English and I use google to support my question, I emphasize that I tried to search for what I need and I did not succeed. Perhaps the language disturbs me.

    I am new to using the Procon and would like to optimize it for hardline.

    1 - I have problems with premium maps that are not loaded in the list.
    2 - I would like to know some interesting plugins to optimize server.
    3 - How to make the player go back to the game faster, like vehicles.
    4 - Can I put the conquest mode for one round only?

    The following link version and problem I have.
    The maps were added manually in hosting the game.

    I have many doubts. Not to be banned. For this post might you are in the wrong lguar. I stop talking about here. calm administrators. hahahahaha

    I need your help.
    I thank you.

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    You need to make sure that your BFHL.def file is updated on your computer, as well as through your procon layer host's config files (if you use a host).

    For your bfhl.def file on your computer, you can find it in whatever drive you have procon installed>>>procon>>>configs>>>bfhl. It's a .def file that should open in wordpad. Once your reopen procon after updating the bfhl.def file, you will see the missing map packs in the list.

    Here is the thread of compatible plugins for hardline:

    Vehicle spawn can be adjusted through either your game server provider's config screen, or procon. It's listed as vehicle respawn delay.

    For the number of rounds, make sure you have the middle "rounds" section set to "1" before hitting the arrow to add it to the maplist. If it is set to "0" when you put the map in the maplist, it defaults to two rounds. A good way around this would be to download the ultimate map manager plugin, and do your maplist via that.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the support.

    I have released one battlefield server 4 also.
    Can I list plugins to optimize my server?

    If there is already some topics here, while I fit the language.
    Can provide me information, because I can not improve server.

    I need:

    1- Auto balance efficient.
    2- Allow players to vote on maps.
    3 Create some things like! Nextmap! Rank (I do not know how to do these things)
    4- Give admin for any player of the clan (can manage playing?).
    5- Leave protected server from hackers.
    6- I know vip slot, but there is other good features for VIP?

    Apologies asked so much.
    But guide me in what is poss.

    I thank you.



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